Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rain delays

Hello there,

Well, the much needed rain has delayed us for a day or two. The good news is the roof didn't cave in. (-:

Yesterday was supposed to be our screw inspection (who knew?) and our mid-health inspection. Neither inspector showed up. Wimps! I drove to Escondido in the pouring rain yesterday.

So my plans to file for me permit and schedule the final health are put off until tomorrow. Our final health hopefully can be scheduled for the 21st instead of the 18th. whish means I'll be able to cook in the kitchen on the 21st.

The floor is being prepped and poured tomorrow through Sunday which means no one in the kitchen until Monday so it can dry. Hopefully, with the wet weather the floor will dry on schedule.
That's all for now.
Talk soon,

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hi there,
I can't believe how time is flying by! The walls are almost all up. We've passed plumbing, electrical and building inspection. Wednesday the floor gets poured. I'm using Marble Shooters out of Irvine. It's a poured epoxy like Life Deck.
Monday the walkin and other equipment is delivered & installed. Thursday the 17th final health on the building then Monday the 21st is my final inspection for my license. Good news is my catering license expires Dec 31st anyway, so it's perfect timing.

Tuesday the 22nd all the food comes in and we break the kitchen in with prep and feeding 500 homeless for Christmas.
Then the 28th the reach-ins from my current kitchen will be moved up there and I'm out of the skanky place I've been using and into my sparkling new, clean and secure kitchen.
Without even advertising, I have 3 tenants lined up.
One guys works 6 days 5 pm to 2 am.
Another from 6 to 10 am. The 3rd is Mon, Tues, Wed 10 am til 5 ish. Can't be more perfect.
There's also the one-sey, two-seys that are inquiring just from word of mouth.
Life is good!
We are still under budget & 2 days ahead of schedule.
I LOVE DAN LEVY CONSTRUCTION & John Nichols their superintendant. I highly recommend them.

Pretty soon, I'll have to figure out what else to blog about!
Talk soon,

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hi all,
So finally we are all permitted. $3100.00 later.... that's for building permits alone!
AND that goon inspector that wanted mechanical drawings for my walk-in was vetoed by his boss. I GET my walk in! Julie 1 government worker 0.
My hood is installed, the IT guy was out today. So I'll be wired in no time and the floor will be ready to be poured the 1st week of December. We are on schedule & under budget. Pretty cool!!!!

If you ask, I'll give you the name of the building plan check guy to avoid. I hear he's wreaking havoc everywhere AND being vetoed each time. All he does is cause delays.
That's all for now,
We'll talk again soon,

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hi there,
It's so exciting! The contractors have taken over. Every day new things appear in my space. It's so fun to watch the progress. My office is all framed and I'm using it as storage for some of my catering items.

Some incredibly great news is we are on budget and maybe even under budget. You read it right UNDER budget! I LOVE DAN LEVY CONSTRUCTION.

I really want an epoxy life deck style flooring which from Dan Levy's sub was going to cost $12,000.00. My folks have that kind of floor in their garage so I checked with their contractor, making sure they understood skid resistance and commercial/health building dept requirements and it looks like I'll save $6000 using them! I bet Levy construction has a new flooring guy to refer.

The walk-in still isn't resolved. I thought we were all good with my walk-in choice and I find out there's a crazy guy (imagine that crazy & city employee in the same breath) signing off on my building plans. He wants mechanical drawings for my walk-in. Now, no one & I mean no one from the contractor, superintendent, designer, installer even a friend who works in the county's planning dept. has ever heard of this request. So our plan runner, Terri (who is a wizard) is going over this clown's head to get an answer as to really? and why?

More good news is I thought I was required by the fire marshal to have in addition to my ansul system a remote monitoring system. Looks like I don't!

Here's how the crazy code reads.... if you have a building that has fire sprinklers, you also need a monitoring system (if the ansul system can't handle the fire, the sprinklers deploy and in addition, an alarm is sounded at the alarm company)
BUT if you don't have sprinklers, you don't need the monitoring system (if I have a fire & the ansul can't handle it, the whole place burns ... no fire sprinklers and no alarm company monitoring)

Good news, it saves me $2000.00.

I sure am glad I forwarded that good luck Buddha email! I attribute all my good fortune to that email.

(ooh, is she kidding or not?)
we'll talk again soon,

website is up!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Moving Forward

Hello, it’s been so long since I’ve written.
Several things have happened. I took the last vacation of my life. I went to Puerto Vallarta from 5 days.
I finally got the keys and I had a small “groundbreaking” party at the kitchen.

While I was gone, the demo was completed.
Monday was the open house and Tuesday at 8:30am, I met the auctioneer at the kitchen & he took all the tables, booths and unwanted equipment. He estimates that the junk will bring about $2000.00. Now I’m not sure how much of that I’ll get. Maybe $500.

Aaah, city, county, planning, waste water, mechanical, building… you’re asking about the status of permits.
There is fairly positive news there.
I expedited the county health dept permitting which means the price doubles AND I get the preliminary plans back in 4 or 5 days rather than 21 to 28 days.

Simultaneously, plans went to waste water, mechanical and city building for their plan check assessments.

County health had 3 minor corrections, which will cost me $283.00 (finding errors or the need for corrections is their way to make money)

Waste water is fine and no charge there.

City planning… I’m not sure what they charged for the 1st submittal and all corrections are free. The gal there “found” 35 “corrections” which had she bothered to open the plans and actually LOOK at them, she would have seen the information was already there in plain sight.

Mechanical went nuts and poor Sam has tons of work from them. He has changes to plumbing, electrical all that stuff.
I should have the contractor’s proposal by Friday and all the corrected plans will be resubmitted to everyone simultaneously for final approval. If all goes well (no reason to believe it won’t), we will begin construction middle of next week.
Stay tuned for the anguished scream of terror when I receive the contractor’s proposal.
We’ll talk again soon,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


New Day new stuff on my mind. No ranting today. Great news is I have copies of the plans ready for submittal to the health dept and waste water. You can download them if you want...it's a big file and 12 pages worth of stuff... but it's pretty cool!


"On the lease front, here are the only 2 issues we are negotiating... This is my agents em to the landlord's.

Item #17 pertains to the last two paragraph of paragraph #26. It is unreasonable that the landlord can terminate the lease within the final 24 months of the term even if the damage is covered by insurance. The landlord already has the right to terminate if the damage is outside the bounds of the coverage – that is more reasonable. The final paragraph seems to be in conflict with other provisions of the lease. We either need to exclude landlord’s negligence, or limit t the coverages provided within landlord’s insurance policy. We will each carry our own insurance, but if the landlord is found responsible, his insurance should be primarily liable. The tenant’s insurance carrier is taking another look at this language as well.

Item #25 pertains to the renewal option. The rent for the term is to be adjusted to fair market rent with a minimum of 103% of the previous year’s rent. That is fine. What is not acceptable is the next to last sentence of the paragraph which nullifies the option if the landlord and tenant can not agree on the fair market rent. There has to be a definitive way to set the market rent if landlord and tenant can’t agree. The most common way is to use an MAI appraisal, or brokerage opinions of value. Ultimately, we should have a binding arbitration clause, or similar provision, that will determine the rent. This is a deal breaker."
Keep your fingers crossed.
Talk again soon,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

They're killing me here!

I soooo need to vent....but I shall refrain, a little or not.
Still no signed lease. Are you kidding me? Every day they sit on this thing is another day they don't make any money.
What I resent the most is the B.S. The excuses from their agent. Does he think I'm that gullible or stupid?
The latest two excuses are:
1. They missed their flight and won't be home tonight......uuhh so? what about the last five days?
2. Don't think this means they are not eager to do this deal. You just happened to catch them at a really busy travel time. OH really? and what accounted for the 3 week delay in responding 3 months ago when we 1st put an offer in?

I'm leaving for a week. I won't be able to sign any papers, write any checks. GRRRRR
The auction is Saturday & John wanted the fixtures for the auction. I'd like a signed lease before I spend 5K on equipment at the auction and I'd like to use the credit for the stuff being sold against my purchases. But thanx to these passive aggressive slackers (I'm so thinking a much stronger word here) none of that is likely to happen.
Everyone keeps saying that this doesn't mean they won't be good landlords. I'm really having my doubts about their response time if something goes wrong at the center.

That's it,
I'm going to beat a bag or my bed with a baseball bat.
Talk again soon when I've calmed down.