Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rain delays

Hello there,

Well, the much needed rain has delayed us for a day or two. The good news is the roof didn't cave in. (-:

Yesterday was supposed to be our screw inspection (who knew?) and our mid-health inspection. Neither inspector showed up. Wimps! I drove to Escondido in the pouring rain yesterday.

So my plans to file for me permit and schedule the final health are put off until tomorrow. Our final health hopefully can be scheduled for the 21st instead of the 18th. whish means I'll be able to cook in the kitchen on the 21st.

The floor is being prepped and poured tomorrow through Sunday which means no one in the kitchen until Monday so it can dry. Hopefully, with the wet weather the floor will dry on schedule.
That's all for now.
Talk soon,

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